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Get Educated

It is incredibly valuable to understand why this committee was created, and what environmental challenges we face. There is a wealth of information out there about climate change and global warming; from the news and magazines, television, movies like An Inconvenient Truth (An Inconvenient Truth), to not surprisingly, the Internet. However, it is especially important to make sure the information you receive is from a credible source and based on solid research.

Informative Videos:


The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard

A fast-paced, compelling 20-minute short film about consumerism in the United States, and how our behaviors affect the global environment

Calculate Your Own Carbon Footprint:

Carbon Footprint Calculator –

Build Your Own Eco-Friendly House or Neighborhood-

Related Articles in the News:

NJSpotlight’s Energy and Environment news coverage

Auburn University- Tips on Creating a “Greener” University 

Stanford Professors Urge University to Fully Divest From Funding Fossil Fuels

Local Resources:

Local Information on Sustainability 

TerraCycle- Trenton, NJ


Environment New Jersey


Sustainable Jersey 


Links with pertinent information that we recommend:

           Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education- This organization is dedicated to advancing sustainability in higher education.

NJ Climate Adaptation Alliance Based at Rutgers, “The Alliance will focus on climate change preparedness in key impacted sectors (public health; watersheds, rivers and coastal communities; built infrastructure; agriculture; and natural resources).”

New Jersey and Climate Change This document from the NJ Office of Science at NJDEP examines the anticipated effects of climate change on New Jersey.

Eleven Ways to Green Your School From, this list gives you 11 ways to make your school a green campus.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)  The IPCC is a United Nations sponsored body that regularly produces reports on the science and effects of climate change. Its most recent report, the fifth report from 2013, surveys the work of thousands of scientists and presents the global consensus on the state of climate change around the planet.

Climate Change | U.S. EPA and Sustainability | US EPA

The first link provides information from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that highlight the science, health and environment facts, and Climate Policy related to global climate change. The second link contains information about projects and education on sustainability.